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    SAVANNAH ONLINE PRESENCE: Savannah Media Marketing provides elite media marketing services, including: Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing, Paid Search Results, Directory Submissions, Content Creation (Blogging & Podcasting), and much more. Our philosophy is creating one place that can take care of all your media marketing needs, offering services…

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  • Savannah Web Design Firm

    SAVANNAH WEBSITE CREATION: Savannah Media Marketing creates superior websites that allow you to maintain a commanding online presence while more efficiently tackling large workloads and high volume clientele. Our websites use the latest technology and are always up to W3C web standards. Some of our website services are listed below: Content Management Systems…

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  • Savannah Design & Branding

    SAVANNAH DESIGN FIRM: Savannah Media Marketing understands the importance of your business's identity, and that's why we work with you personally to better understand you and the fundamental aspects of your business. Our design process allows us to create multiple renditions and versions of your brand/logo, so you can select…

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Our Services

Online Marketing

Online Marketing (web marketing/search engine marketing) consists of numerous techniques and strategies that utilize search engines, social media, websites, and other multimedia to help promote your business.

Design & Branding

We understand how important your business's identity is in the eyes of your customers. This is why we offer elite, personalized branding services where we work with you every step of the way towards creating your unique brand.

Professional Websites

Options for websites have never been so readily available as they are today. However, picking the right website for your business is now more challenging than ever with so many vastly different choices to consider.

Web Apps

Whether your website needs a simple application added to it - that makes you and your customers' lives simpler - or a user interactive custom web-app that can process large amounts of data and display results, we've got you and your next big idea covered.

More Features & Services

Our Business is Your Business

At Savannah Media Marketing, our success is your success. We consider every client's business to be just as important as our own and treat their business likewise.

Latest Trends and Technology

Find the latest and greatest trends, technology, and more by visiting our marketing blog.

Check Out Our Training Courses

Need help, but want to be in the drivers seat? We offer a variety of training courses to help you stay independent and ahead of your competition.

Find Bright Ideas and Business Insight

We offer a plethora of advice, information, and more at our blog. Feel free to connect with us (below) today via social media or our newsletter, as well.

And Don’t Forget About This

We offer our first consultation, estimate, and proposal completely free of charge.* We only ask for the opportunity to prove our commitment to you and your business's success.

*Travel fees may apply.

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Monthly Reports

Our Marketing Reports

Our Search Engine Marketing campaigns come with specialized reports, covering website analytics, traffic, security, speed/load times, and much more. We call this our "report card" of sorts to keep our clients in the loop with how their online marketing campaign is progressing. This is simply one more way we offer results driven solutions to our customers.

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Website Reviews

Website Reviews

Contact us today to get an affordable website review. This review is a comprehensive synopsis of your website's current features, technology, design, marketing score, and more. We will deliver a full report that includes information, such as: website performance (load times), rankings of optimal industry keyword terms, SEO score, security compromises, a list of current and new technologies, overall aesthetic & intuitive design rating, and cost effectiveness analysis.

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Personalized Service

We work hard for you to maintain the newest and and most effective services and marketing strategies presently available. Our comprehensive and open-minded approach allows us to search for optimal solutions for every specific project we encounter. We understand that not all of our clients' industries are the same, and take the time to thoroughly understand our clients' respective industries and go to work marketing them to their fullest potential.

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Elite Marketing Services

Find out the latest online trends and more.

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