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What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. In simple terms, this is using various tools and strategies online, whether through your personal website or other online sites (social media, directories, etc.), to increase your websites rank on search engines, such as: Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others. Ultimately, SEO implementation is done to increase a website's visibility, and thus, increase sales, views, and overall online presence.

Savannah SEO

Completing online marketing for your business is by far the most affordable and effective form of marketing you can implement--it is 24/7, 365 days a year, and available worldwide at the click of a button. Obviously, such marketing reach severely outdoes print media, signage and other traditional forms of advertisements & marketing.

Marketing in Savannah

Marketing your Savannah business online will bridge the gaps between consumers and the products/services you offer via Search Engines, which is presently how nearly everyone searches for anything (almost everything) they need. To not rank high or have any online presence for your business, especially if you're business is new, is to diminish your exposure to potential clients/customers and relinquish working with them to your competitors who do have superior online presence.

How SEO Works

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a combination of strategies and tools used to boost your website's search engine ranking (I.E. Google, Bing, etc.). More specifically, optimizing your website is a game of understanding how search engines work, what they want (great content) and implementing these various qualities into websites. SEO services may include:

  • Responsive Web Design (RWD) - This makes your website mobile friendly.
  • Sitemaps & TXT Files - These files tell search engines what is on your site and what/what not to index.
  • Content - This may include Landing Pages, Blog Posts, or even videos (Vlogs/Podcasts).
  • Website Security - Namely, this starts with a Secure Socket Layer, but there's certainly much more involved.
  • Research & Analytics - These are tools and metrics that help you track progress and make necessary changes to ensure success
  • Directory Submissions - This involves submitting your website to online directories, like Yelp, YP and others.
  • Code - Everything from Alt tags to Headings must be coded properly to maximize the importance of your keywords and boost your rank
  • Social Media - Social Media Marketing is a must for any online campaign, and when utilized properly, can yield tremendous traffic and viewership.

There are many more implementations that go into SEO for your website, but these are just some of the primary ones to give an idea of how dense and multi-faceted SEO can truly be. Most of all, SEO is a game of patience and diligence.

SEO at Savannah Media Marketing

Savannah Media Marketing is a one stop solution for bringing every available technology to the table to market your business. Here, we use the latest standards and technology to help you stand out ahead of your competition. That said, SEO is certainly one of our main specializations and a fundamental aspect of every marketing campaign we conduct.

Our SEO campaigns are unique in many ways from our competitors, namely because we believe in extremely high business ethics and accountability standards. Below we elaborate on just a few ways we ensure satisfaction to our customers.

  • Marketing Report Card - We offer our "report card" at the end of every month, allowing our clients to login to their accounts and review the progress of their campaign, as their website's visibility climbs through the ranks. There are also insights, upcoming updates and so much more available to our clients, simplifying the collaborative and overall process of building their online presence.
  • Contact & Meetings - Savannah Media Marketing will meet with you in person, or remotely, throughout your campaign to ensure satisfaction and quality service. We don't just disappear after the signing of your contract, but rather, we team up with you to get to truly understand your business and effectively market it.
  • High Standards & Quality Products - We create everything we do in-house, domestically (in the USA), and make it our priority to understand the latest trends, standards and regulations. This ensures that your site will work optimally on any device, that your site will meet legal standards to sell goods or provide information, and that your site will always stay up to date with the latest security and backups.

These are just a few of the ways we work hard to offer our clients superior service.

Social Media Marketing and SEO

Social Media Marketing is using social media sites, like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, in tandem with your website's SEO to build your online presence. For example, we will create a blog post on your site, then take that post and repost it across your various social media sites, linking back to your website. This helps spread the word about your awesome business and build a community online around what you offer.

Black Hat SEO Vs White Hat SEO

Not all SEO is equal. From the early days of individuals repeating keywords in text the same color as their webpage's background to present theft and plagiarism of other people's work, some marketers have tried to beat the system with Black Hat SEO. Fortunately, Search Engine's often stay ahead of them, and even when they do find exploits, Search Engines are quick to address it and penalize these individuals for their unethical practices.

At SMM, we only implement standard White Hat SEO strategies and services to correctly boost your website rank with search engines and maintain your site's rank once achieving it.

Thank you for visiting Savannah Media Marketing!